Friday, March 4, 2011

Plenty of choices in Mexico


Chattering teeth, runny noses, sore backs from snow shovelling - it's been a long winter and treating your kids to some sand, sea, surf and sun seems like a good idea over March break. But getting away can be expensive when you're taking the whole family. The Mexico's Mayan Riviera offers good value for money and has great options.

The Karisma chain has several choices for families - from the tot-friendly, brand new Azul Fives to a beach-front beauty called Azul Beach to a 'tween and teen-ready Azul Sensatori, you'll find the right option to get your brood in the mood for fun.

Good news: These three resorts are within an hour of the Cancun Airport, so you won't have to start off your vacation with a tediously long bus ride. Route 307 is a wonder of modern transportation engineering; no worries about safety here.

More good news: the Azul resorts are all gourmet-inclusive, so you'll find something for your picky little eater. Vegan and gluten-free options are available as well.

At Azul Beach, a barbecue lunch is served on the beach each Sunday. The fish for the feature dish is caught daily by local fishermen. Ours was the red snapper. Sitting in our bathing suits at tables on the beach, just steps from the warm Caribbean waters, sipping the resort specialty drink (called a Mosquito: tequila and tamarind juice in a glass rimmed in chili powder for the perfect sassy/sweet balance), while eating the freshest fish served by white-coated waiters - does life get any better?

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Pao-chan said...

Wow I want to go to cancun but they have told me that it is very expensive and is paid in dollar: (

Pablo Alejandro MacĂ­as Torres said...

Hello Pao-chan! That's in some way true, but only if you go to hotels. There are a lot of great places to stay, like luxury villas that are way more cheap and you'll have a better experience!